Community Events Calendar

Presentations take place in the Education Center Alcove of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, beginning at 3:00 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. For directions click here.

Public parking is $1.00/vehicle. Admittance to the lecture presentation will begin at 2:45 p.m. outside the entrance to the Education Center by the benches. Those who are attending the lecture presentation ONLY and are admitted at this time by the Education staff will bypass the admission window. Please do not arrive earlier than 2:45 p.m. Patrons attending ONLY the Educational Lecture will be given a special red "Hawaii Sea Grant" hand stamp that will allow access into the education alcove for the lecture but no access to the beach itself. The lecture will begin promptly at 3 p.m.

Please note: anyone who wishes to go to the beach before the lecture, will be processed through the regular admission line and shall pay the admission fee of $7.50 (if you are not a Hawaii resident). These education programs are supported and funded by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation.

We appreciate your continuing interest and support!

February 2015 - Science and Nā Honu ‘o Hawai‘i - NOAA Marine Turtle Research Team & Affiliates

1 February

Name: Devon Francke, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Talk title: The Turtle Research Program and an Overview of Sea Turtles in Hawaiʻi and Hanauma Bay

8 February

Name: Sarah Alessi, Shandell Brunson, and Devon Francke, NOAA
Talk title: Marine Turtle Stranding Impacts Related to Fishing Gear Interactions in the Main Hawaiian Islands

15 February


22 February

Name: T. Todd Jones, NOAA
Talk title: Migrating Leatherback Turtles Enjoys Winter ‘Layovers’ in Hawaiian Waters

March 2015 - Science and Marine Migrators

1 March

Name: Phillip and Andrea Bruner, BYU-Hawai‘i

Talk title: Behavioral Ecology of Shorebirds

8 March

Name: David Hyrenbach, HPU

Talk title: Why Did the Albatross Cross the Ocean? Tracking Foraging Trips and Migrations

15 March

Name: Nicholas Joly, Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA

Talk title: Sanctuary Ocean Count: a community project that monitors humpback whales in Hawai`i

22 March

Name: Siri Hakala, NOAA

Talk title: Big Winged Migrators: Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the North Pacific

29 March

Name: David Itano, Fishery Consultant

Talk title: Tuna, to Move or Not To Move, That is the Question

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