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Presentations take place in the Education Center Alcove of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, beginning at 3:00 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. For directions click here.

Public parking is $1.00/vehicle. Admittance to the lecture presentation will begin at 2:45 p.m. outside the entrance to the Education Center by the benches. Those who are attending the lecture presentation ONLY and are admitted at this time by the Education staff will bypass the admission window. Please do not arrive earlier than 2:45 p.m. Patrons attending ONLY the Educational Lecture will be given a special red "Hawaii Sea Grant" hand stamp that will allow access into the education alcove for the lecture but no access to the beach itself. The lecture will begin promptly at 3 p.m.

Please note: anyone who wishes to go to the beach before the lecture, will be processed through the regular admission line and shall pay the admission fee of $7.50 (if you are not a Hawaii resident). These education programs are supported and funded by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation.

We appreciate your continuing interest and support!

Sundays at the Bay

November 2015 - Science and the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant Graduate Student Trainees

15 November

Name: Johanna Wren

Talk Title: "Haven't I seen you here before? Effects of El Niño on larval reef fish dispersal"

Name: Jessie Qay Chen

Talk Title: "Aloha on the half-shell: Economics of Hawaii-grawn oysters"

Name: Jessica Chen

Talk Title: "Acoustic characteristics of humpback whale mother-calf vocalizations and the potential for interference in communications due to vessel noise in the Hawaiian winter grounds"

22 November

Name: Christina Richardson

Talk Title: "The role of wastewater in nutrient loading of coastal water: Maunalua Bay, Oahu, Hawaiʻi"

Name: Joe Kennedy

Talk Title: "Attack of the drones: using modern day toys for researching groundwater discharge around Maui"

Name: Shellie Habel

Talk Title: "Modeling imminent sea level rise induced flooding in Waikīkī and kakaʻako"

29 November

Film Screening: "IMAX Deep Sea" (2006, 41 minutes)

December 2015 - Science and Changing Seas

6 December

Talk Title: “Making Climate Change Prediction Useful: A New Method of Predicting the Impacts of Climate on Marine Fishes”

Name: Gen Del Raye, University of Hawai`i Sea Grant College Program Graduate Student Trainee, Department of Oceanography

Talk Title: “What makes a coral susceptible to disease?”

Name: Amanda Shore-Maggio, University of Hawai`i Sea Grant College Program Graduate Student Trainee, Department of Microbiology

13 December

Talk Title: "Living on the Edge – Adapting to Coastal Hazards and Climate Change in Hawai`i"

Name: Bradley Romaine, Ph.D., Coastal Geologist, Extension Faculty, University of Hawai`i Sea Grant College Program, and Hawai`i Department of Land and Natural Resources, Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands

Holiday Hiatus

Sundays at the Bay seminars resume on Sunday, 10 January 2016!

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