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Curriculum and Teacher Resources

Curriculum - Standards

Standards Based Curriculum Resources

Standards Based lessons based on state learning standards are available at Hanauma Bay.
Lesson outlines allow teachers to see the types of lessons available.  
Toolkits include pre-visit preparation, and post-visit learning evaluations and extension activities.

Primary School

Grade 6: LessonGrade 6: Toolkit
Grade 7: LessonGrade 7: Toolkit
Grade 8: LessonGrade 8: Toolkit


High School

Biology: LessonBiology: Toolkit
Marine Science: Lesson

Marine Science: Toolkit


Hanauma History & Hawaiian Culture:

Learn about the history and place names of the Hanauma Bay area:

Learn about Hawaiian culture and marine life conservation:


Hanauma Geology Virtual Fieldtrip Videos:

Video: Hanauma Bay Formation

Video: Plate Tectonics

Video: Rock Cycle

Video: Hanauma Rock Types # 1

Video: Hanauma Rock Types # 2

Video: Tuff

Video: Coral & Tuff

Video: Olivine

Video: Feldspar


Web Resources:

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration