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Hanauma Fish iPhone and iPad App

Explore Hanauma Bay with University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program’s digital fish guide! The Hanauma Fish app provides users access to full color images, names (English, Hawaiian, and scientific), and descriptions of the fishes most commonly viewed by snorkelers and swimmers at Hanauma Bay. Authored by Dr. John E. Randall, world renowned ichthyologist, this app is based on UH Sea Grant’s top selling waterproof fish book “Snorkeler’s Guide to the Fishes of Hanauma Bay.” Hanuama Fish identifies 114 species of reef and shore fishes that are likely to be encountered in the waters of Hanauma Bay. They are organized by fish family in a user friendly format with accompanying facts. All available right at your fingertips!

Available on iTunes.


Splash screen of Hanauma Bay Fish App
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October 2013