Past Program Archive

This section consists of past Thursday evening program summaries and speaker videos.


March 2014 

March 6

The Statues that Walked: Unravelling the Mystery of Easter Island
Dr. Terry Hunt, Professor of Anthropology, University of Oregon

March 13

Local Heroes: Native Collector Sea Urchins Impact Kāne‘ohe Bay Reefs
Laura Stanley and Grace Chon, Graduate Students, Hawai‘i Pacific University

March 20

Humpbacks: Inside the Pod
A Film Produced by National Geographic

March 27


Eat Local Seafood: Where Does it Come From and What Do You Need to Know?
John Kaneko, Program Director, Hawai‘i Seafood Council 


February 2014 - Protecting Marine & Coastal Resources

February 6

He`eia Fishpond
Angela Hi`ilei Kawelo, Founder & Executive Director, Paepae o He`eia

February 13

Managing Hawaii`s Coastal Zone
Leo Ascuncion, Planning Program Manager, Hawai`i Coastal Zone Management Program

February 20

Got Tang? Development of Culture Methods for Yellow Tang as a Way to Help Conserve Hawaii`s Coral Reefs
Chad Callan, Research Scientist, Oceanic Institute

February 27

The Sharks
A film by National Geographic Society


January 2014 - Protecting Species, Habitats, and Resources for Future Generations

January 2

No Program
Breaking for Holidays

January 9

Tsunami Hazard Assessment of American Samoa
William Templeton, PhD Student, Ocean Resource Engineering, UHM
DNA Sequencing: The Next Generation
Eric Tong, PhD Student, Zoology, UHM
Anthropogenic CO2, How the Ocean Reduces Global Warming, But Pays the Price through Ocean Acidification
Gerianne Terlouw, MS Student, Oceanography, UHM

January 16

Coconut Island: Development of Feasibility Study for Water Sustainability
Lelemia Irvine, PhD Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UHM

January 23

Anchialine Ponds 
Lorena Wada, Assistant Field Supervisor, Pre-listing and Listing Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

January 30

Hawaii's Resident and Not So Resident Blackfish: Recent Studies of False Killer Whales and Killer Whales in Hawai`i
Dr. Robin Baird, Research Biologist, Cascadia Research Collective